“Like A Pocahontas! A Woman’s Friend.”

Good Morning and Greetings Reader.  This is me.  Little. This is me looking like a bag of potatoes because I WAS in a potato sack.  That thing would make a great skirt. But this little girl became a Spirit Warrior.  One who KNOWS. One who sees life become brighter and happier when we keep onContinue reading ““Like A Pocahontas! A Woman’s Friend.””

“Happy Autumn Readers! Are You Ready To Play Dress Up?”

Greetings Reader!  Happy Autumn!  My Favorite Time of the Year.   Welcome to the ritualistic abating of the setting sun. Are you ready for Halloween?  Are you Ready to Play Dress Up?  I am.  And I am a shape shifting phenom. What do you think about my costume?  Biker Babe Gone Mad Scientist Bonkers maybe?Continue reading ““Happy Autumn Readers! Are You Ready To Play Dress Up?””

“Introducing The Fairy Godmother Effect in 2020.”

Greetings Reader.  Welcome to My Story.  My story has continued to reach readers since the summer of 2013 and I am shocked to see how time as flown looking back now at my drive thru life.  (Can I get fries with that shake?) You see, dear reader, I have had many epic transformations these lastContinue reading ““Introducing The Fairy Godmother Effect in 2020.””

“Is Sniffly Season Over?” Stop Crying Girl and Wipe Your Nose.

Magically, We Move on.  And, well, this message is partially encrypted so only a few know how to follow my ratings for this Super Sunday Musing Mission, welcome April 7th. Wiping our Nose, from?  Allergies.  Right.   Allergies onset by Whipped Cream.  And Hot Cocoa.  And tears.  Lots of biter winter tears. The crying (belly-aching) ensuedContinue reading ““Is Sniffly Season Over?” Stop Crying Girl and Wipe Your Nose.”

“Learning to Live Again. Emotional Detox.”

Learning to Live Again, Emotional Detox is my statement today.  On the first FULL Day of Spring and on the waning side of the 2019 March Full Worm Moon. Dear Reader, It is finally spring and I am drudging through, yet one more big detoxification in my life, hands down, post… one of the HARDESTContinue reading ““Learning to Live Again. Emotional Detox.””

Merry Christmas Eve and Hello 2019! It The Year of the King! Saying Goodbye to a “Goodyear” and Hello to a New Life.

It ended as quickly as it started.  Or did it?  My marriage. I look back at how fast I have processed the loss of yet a third marriage but yet, somehow, I have never been more secure, confident and sure in my life that a new day has come.  There are five years of postsContinue reading “Merry Christmas Eve and Hello 2019! It The Year of the King! Saying Goodbye to a “Goodyear” and Hello to a New Life.”

“The King is Coming Soon.”

When I look back and I see how long it has been since I have really posted in my muslin passion, aka, my blogs, I cringe.  But, I know that in the last calendar year, I,  have been, trying.  Here is what I have been trying at: Saving a marriage that no longer is salvageableContinue reading ““The King is Coming Soon.””