“I Don’t Have Time For This!” Uh, Yeah Ya Do!”

Five thirty am.  FIVE-THIRTY!  That is me screaming in caps that is it really early and I really don’t have time for a blog right now but if I do not do it, it will eat at me for days and require me to journal anyway.  So, why do I do it?  Because I know there is someone out there that reads this and says, “you go girl!”  The support of sisterhood and family I have in my life is the most incredible fuel.  The cheering from the Facebook stands says “Hurray, Open Your Space!”  And that is so helpful to me.  And it is not that I need approval from anyone to follow my dreams but seeing those beautiful photo faces behind the screen tells me that there really is a world of people out there that love, serve and support another.   And of course, I am going to need clients.

So why would you want to come see a massage therapist who blogs about all of her measures and feels that open communication is the most real and affective way to live a happy life?  Isn’t that violating HIPPA?  The answer is NO!  HIPPA is about your privacy not mine!  And more truthfully, it is about protecting your health records and your identity from theft.  HIPPA has nothing to do with why I write like a journalist and use my hands to massage another.  I do it because I love.

Yes, I love the path I am on but today, I am tired and sore.  I drive to Louisville 4 days this week and I have the next 7 days under the wheel as well, for one reason or another.  Building a space takes time, money and determination.  Because believe me, I am on my third set of curtains and I am tired of taking “stuff” back.  My QL is killing me.  My erectors and tight and my right supraspinatus is cranky.   I have a quiz on Monday of which I have not studied for and I am about to embark on a huge event tomorrow with my peer, down on Louisville’s Water Front.  I don’t know how I find the time to do laundry, dishes, take the dog pee, exercise and stay away from unhealthy foods.  And to top it off, I have realized how wheat sensitive I am and I have a rash that is taking forever to leave.  Boo Boo’s hurt:(. (No it is not contagious).  It is from a serious liver detox.  And, I am safely reducing my intake of alcohol, caffeine and white refined sugar.  And wheat.  Do you know how hard that is in today’s society?  Oh, and I am becoming fluent in sign language.  That is not an option now and my son well, I try and talk deep to him but he is a boy you know???

But I chive on and with Ferver!  My passion for life is unquenchable and my drive for excellence in my career is immeasurable.  I am the underdog!  The small business that starts with nothing and will be measured by the success by a worldly ratio.  “Will she fail?  Will she take this brand of Reiki understanding to the next level?  Will she compliment her company one day with middle aged women fitness techniques and cool and jazzy marketing and brand and household products that scream, wellness! Will she help create awareness of harmful environmental stressors and reduce the use of harsh chemicals at home and teach you how to channel stress out of your life!  Will Holly help people learn to mindfully reduce obesity and limit their risk of disease? (notice I said risk of disease.  Only doctors can prescribe and diagnose.  We holistic people just try to prevent the disease from happening but sometimes it just does.)  Will she …….make it?”


Will I be able to get my butt up out of this bed and close this laptop so that I can go take back curtains again?  In Louisville!   Will Lola be able to set a straight iron curtain rod and I can learn to use a drill again?  Will the carpet in my office match my things?  Will the money be there to support all off this cray cray?   Will my husband lose his hearing completely and will I be able to fund us at home while he seeks change and will I be able to support a new business?  Will I grow old?  Will my kids ever have grandchildren?  Will my stories ever amount to anything?  Will I be a good massage therapist?  Oh, wait……I know the answer to that one!  YES I WILL!  I am pretty good at this and I can safely say, if you have had one session with me, it would help me if you had another:)

My Massage Packages will be very affordable.  I want as many people on my table as willing to try massage therapy!  So many people have NEVER had a massage!  Send me bodies!  My practice massage scheduled is almost full!  (Which is why I drive home so much!:)

The space will be pleasant and inviting.  My logo is wild and crazy, just as I am but my new space will make feel like you stepped into a place to sit and relax.  To take the edge off for a day.   That is just how it goes!

My Interior design specialist guru says it MUST be inviting……And besides, my lava lamp looks better at home so I can keep dancing as a work out my busy home days………so the intense color has to stay out of the studio room.  It is invigorating and stimulating! “I love my logo!”

BUT LISTEN, I need your help!   If you are seriously considering a massage gift for a friend this summer or Christmas buy them a gift certificate to the The Reiki Station!  Because as booked up as I am now with free massages, if I can get 1/3 of what I am doing know on the table as a new client, I will set the tone for success and happiness to come.   You see I am scared a bit.  Being a single entity business owner is scary and responsible.  It takes skill, effort and sometimes your life.  (I don’t want that but right now, this business is my life as of today and I am so happy it is a good one!)

My frans and loved one’s, I know that I could just move on and not write a blog on here when I have so much to do but I tell you this…..  I don’t recommend everyone go out and try to start a business on their own because it is not for everyone.  But if this blog reacher one person who is trying to find their way in life and you need someone to remind ou how human and challenged we are really are, and it helps you, then I have served well.  Sitting here alone, reminds me that we are not alone.  And I have to give THANKS and GRATITUDE for everyone and to God that he has told me I can do this!

So, in all sincerity peeps, whether you ever schedule a massage with me our not, know that I love you and are in my heart and my prayers.  Whether you agree with what I am doing or not, I hope you can see past the insanity of it all and realized I am dealing with hundreds of people a year and every time I think about quitting all this mess, I think of you.  I think of Us.  I think that we can all find our channel and freedom from stress.  It comes in ways we do not understand but if you will set a course of action and at least try something new, you may just find life to be music to your hearts.



“The Magic of The Journey.”

The magic of the journey is that I am on it.  On it, just as I am on this man’s trapezius muscles and his levator scapula.  I find the photo most interesting because as I was sinking into his shoulders with some pretty deep pressure, I was actually going into a slight meditation looking out the window at the World around me.  I found that even in a team training you will find moments where you “notice” that you are on a path to change the lives of others, as well as yourself.

My evolving journey has been exciting.  I have endured some hectic criticism but that is only because God knew that if I was not challenged enough on the journey I would quit.  This coming from someone that has had 5 secular jobs in three years.  But leaving those places in my life was necessary to advance me into my true path as a natural healer.

It is the people who know you best and that watch you the most closely which become confused on what you are doing when you no longer conform to general standards.   Generalize Standards are only meant to provide boundaries to protect you from harm.  The speed limit says 25, and that protects you from wrecking or hitting a child in a crosswalk.  Or, the morphine pump only gives you enough medicine to alleviate the pain from surgery until you can withstand the healing process.  Or, when the curriculum in our scholastic society is only meant to guide you into finding your true calling so you can decide on what career path to take as mature and self-preserving adults.  But if you ask me, general standards do not make us feel “accomplished” or better yet, “complete” until you can see the Magic of the Journey.

I am thankful to know that my path is heading toward a very interesting completion.  I have no doubts that my skills as a therapist are going to be effective.  I have no doubts that God will bring me the right clients, at the right moment for the right reasons.  I see the magic in my journey as a practitioner unfolding like the creases of an origami returning to it’s natural shape.  I, am shaping my process of becoming a caregiver just like pliable pottery.  And, Jeremiah 18:6 reminds me that God said, “Can I not do with you, Israel, as this potter does?” declares the LORD. “Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, Israel.

This is such an amazing scripture and these words should always encourage you to use your hands to shape your World.  These words come from an Old Testament reading of the Bible.  And it is true that I have consciously tried to remove the taste of religious dogma from my life, I cannot remove the source of healing from my practice because the knowledge and the expertise I am using to work on others comes from the practice of using Wisdom.

More than ANYTHING in this World, I can only hope and pray that people will realize the magic in their journey when seeking their destiny.  We are all not called to do the same things.  I find it even more magical to have surrounded myself with light workers and body workers that do so many wonderful and different things than I do.  I am overjoyed to realize that I am not alone in this quest for wellness and healing for both the Body and the Mind.

In a few more weeks I will be nestled comfortably in my first studio.  It is a very overwhelming feeling to finally reach a point of completion and open up your own therapeutic practice especially when you still fight untrue feelings of inadequacy and humility.  However, the humility is required to actually be successfully because no one wants to be around rude and condescending people.  Those uncomfortable qualities are all too prevalent in our current American healthcare system.

I hope that you will stop and take a moment to listen to your body and what it is hungry for when it comes to finding ways to heal.  If I can give you any advice as a graduating therapist it would be this.  “Florence Nightingale knew exactly what she was doing to try and help heal and save the soldiers and common folks from disease and discomfort.  She required rest and plenty of natural food and water as prescribed.  She honored the outdoors and the magical remedies that Mother Nature provided in order to heal our bodies.  And Florence was not afraid to work with the Spirit of the person in need.”

May we be wise enough to reinstate her philosophies when it comes to healing and wellness and may we be strong enough to have the courage to say “No” to things that do not serve us.   If you say “No” long enough to that Twinkie, that poisonous diet soda or even no to old and stuck emotional pains, you can then say “Yes” to the divine magic that your path brings you during the journey.  Being pottery in the hands of God and watching everything unfold as it should is the way to live a long and happy, healthy life.   At least that is how it works for me. 🙂



“Living an Unnatural Life as Naturally as Possible”.

Truth be known, humans ARE very resistant to change but naturally it is impossible not to experience change when you look at a life as it progresses from birth to death.   I am now three years in the making of becoming a “new creation” but I must admit, the daily progression to become “well” is still unnatural to me.

Getting up with a “happy” disposition many times is contrary to the ordinary course of nature or, typically abnormal.  That is to say, unless you are fully aware of your minute by minute play book and are watching your life unfold like the pages in a storybook, you may be shuffled into a lifestyle of unhappiness you cannot seem to unbind from.

So, I really want to ask you, do your feet hit the floor EVERYDAY and you feel like sprinting towards the bathroom mirror, toothbrush in hand, ready to face another day in your race?  Do you wake up, and immediately think “I get to influence someone today.  Especially myself!”

Does the alarm go off and you know you experienced 6-8 hours of refreshing sleep and even though your dreams may have been unnaturally wacky or your sleep pattern may have been disrupted by by a potty break or two because your bladder is waning but are you Happy with your sleep schedule?   Do you dread the fact that it is now a new day today and you have new things to accomplish or change, and are you willing to be present in your next daily adventure?

Well, I do.  I do.  I do have to say, I am excited about my day.  I have changed my thinking so much that every morning I get up so excited about that “next opportunity” that I can say, it has become the “magic” in my otherwise unnatural ability to be happy all the time.

This magical “Happiness” feeling no longer fluctuates into unhappiness when I am faced with a new challenge or another move.   And, if it does flux, I promise you will be the first to know because I typically share everything anymore.   No secrets!!!!  Expose the Muse!  Why???????

Because I know if I share my weight loss journey with “otherwise” embarrassing pictures of my imperfect body and I share my love for a great selfie someone will laugh or smile!  I know if I share my experiences with food, and people and Spiritual  Beings people are intrigued.   I know if I share my heart on my sleeve and my passion about music, massage  and The Reiki Station, I can inspire someone to dance.

Sometimes I even share my distaste about the political state of our country but that topic gets me upset, not unhappy.  Luckily, I have channelled that frustration into energy that I can use and do something about my place on Mother Earth’s Property.

I share my resources about living holistic as I can, and with applicable knowledge and experiences that are working for me and helping me to allow change to be a BIG part of my life.   I think sharing our journey is just as important as sharing our money.  Isn’t that what politics is really supported to about?  Money and Sharing?  So where are the political discussions about holistic health?  I guess they are coming soon.

How we are spiritually directed to share our money and our resources as community leaders is what should make up layers and layers of government who are supposed to be here to serve and protect us.  Naturally, politics was really meant to create amazing citizens so we can all get along right?  Right……..:P

Well, guess what???????  We really can change the ordinary course to be resistance to change if we decide to change ourselves FIRST!   And I know there are a handful of people out there that are perfectly fine with the way that they are.  That is Good!!!  But there are a haaa-zillion people out there living very unhappily with their circumstances.  It is like someone just blew up their banana and they cannot repair it.

But I am telling you, bad things do happen to good people and good things happen to bad people and it takes a very light heart to know it doesn’t matter really.  James 4:14 says our life is a Vapor, a Mist, A Fog.  Poof!  Gone!  If someone comes along and wrecks my banana, I just cling to the truthful words of my spiritual mentor (Jesus and his posse’) who says to me… let them have that banana sister!  I have way more bananas to choose from.  I am the living Word and I created the banana along with Mother Nature’s assistance!

Listen, you want change then stop being mad.  Being angry or hateful to yourself or any human is a waste of time.  There are very few instances where you need to be shitty with anyone.  Unless you are in a manipulating and controlling situation, stop fighting to make something happen that won’t and find the thing that will change for you!   Give up your BANANA!  IT MAY ROT BEFORE YOU CAN EAT IT!

And today, I am facing a new banana AGAIN and a new change!  I now get the amazing opportunity to learn sign language!  Bang!  Bang!

Many of you know my husband is almost clinical deaf.  He can’t hear shit anymore.  He is still abel to work and do his job thank God but we mostly lip read now and we talk very properly in our home because the droning sounds around us come against our speech and Ed cannot hear what I am saying unless I am in his face.   If the refrigerator or AC unit is running, He can’t hear me.  If his back is turned to me and I am 2 feet behind him talking and he does not have his hearing aides on, he cannot hear me.  At night, when the lights are out and there are dark shadows in the bedroom, he cannot hear me whisper “Good Night”.  Nope, not a real easy thing to deal with.

Our future is unsure when it comes to HIS working future but I do know that many deaf people do just fine in public jobs.  It is the Public that cannot deal with the deaf person because they do not know Sign Language.  But we get to HELP!!!! Yay!

Even better????……….. I am glad that I am such a demonstrative person because sign language is right up my ally!  I always talk with my hands!!!    This issue would normally scare the pants out of someone.  When you marrying a hearing person and then all of a sudden, you are facing someone losing one of their most important senses, it can make  you stop dead in your tracks.  Can you imagine losing the sense of sound?  Ouch!  BUT WE ARE NOT AFRIAD!

I am sure Ed is way more concerned of course because he is the one that is facing DEAF but he has a place of excitement in his heart that he can help someone else in spite of his unexpected change!   Give Ed some PROP’s PEEP’S!!!

I love him for his Magical Spirit, not his ears.  I see well inside his heart and he is a complete soul.  And for a man to experience hearing loss a second time in life is frightening at best.  When he was younger and married to his first wife he lost his hearing in the military.  For four years, Ed was completely deaf and studied at Gallaudet University to become functional as a deaf person.  This is where he learned the culture and learned to sigh.  He is VERY GOOD AT IT!   But over time, a surgery and a miracle allowed him to hear again.  However, now, he is almost completely  deaf at the age of 47 and is no stranger to what this does to a household.  We knew it was a possibility but this shit wasn’t expected but not for another 20 years.  Opps…..I guess we don’t get to choose when things happen.

So, it is very unnatural for me to say………… we are just going to roll with this new challenge with HAPPINESS!!!!

Whatever universal decision that decided to put a bomb shell in our banana tree did not factor in that I have done so much point work on my emotions that this little extra prize called “deafness” does not phase me or my MAN!!!!    Ed and I have been using a form of marital telepathy already so we decided that the hearing loss is just meant to increase our mind reading skills!  LOVE IT!  I am a Scorpio and I love to mind read!  It is sexy and cool!  And, it is necessary to help others remove thoughts of negativity that otherwise thought they were stuck with!  Nope, connecting third eye to third eye is wonderful!  It is how we intuitive’s help each other!  So many people have the ability to open their third eye and see life on greater terms and we are two peas in a pod when it comes to understanding that change happens and we are adaptable enough to roll with it.  Where was this taught in the Bible?  EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s Daily Story Moral?????????

Surrounding your life with happy, unified circles of light is the most simple way to shine in a world that pretends to be full of darkness.  Most of the darkness is in our own minds and although resistance exists in the form of which you create it, you have the Power and Authority and  Ability to change anything you want to change.  It is all in your perception.  And as unnatural as that may seem, I promise it is as natural as water falling from the sky to quench our thirst!

Be Well Today!




“Inhale. Exhale. Release. Ahaaaahhh.”

That is where I am at right now…….everything is in motion.  Everything.  I set my mind on a plan and I stuck with it.  And now, the curtain is slowly being pulled back and the big reveal is that I am actually going to be sitting my my VERY own office space in just a few short weeks.  I am so excited.

But now the real work begins.  It is not to say that spending three years completely reconstructing your lifestyle has not been work because I feel like that is all I do really.  I work at home, in the car and on the computer from almost sun up, to dinner time.  Dinner time, it is family time and I TRY to shut it off!

I have practiced Reiki and Massage on well over 150 people and I am voluteering at companies and festivals to introduce the benefits of a 15 minute chair massage.  By the time I get my state licenses I bet I will have had 200 humans on my table and at least another 300 hundred on my chair by the time I finish with this summer’s waterfront festivities.   Whoa……how does all that happen?

Working……..a lot of hours……..for yourself.

So how come I find time to do a million videos on food, nutrition, exercise and fascia blasting?  How do I find time to post to community groups like Red Tent, Beach Body and The Reiki Station?  How do I find time to do laundry and shopping and pay bills and travel two cities four times a week and find time to party with sisters and have sex?  LOL.  How do I find time to talk to my son and my daughter and assure them that they are now at the age where life will propel them into amazing situations and they need to be ready.   How do I find time to visit my parents, my sisters, my brothers, my cousins and volunteer one day a week?  How do I find time to trim my nails, my nose hairs and my hohohoho…………….I will stop there??????????????

I consciously inhale, exhale, release and say ……ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh at almost every moment.  And we thought that was something the doctor taught us to say but…… Nope, it is the critical movement of survival when your world is spinning and you think the Vertigo will never go away………

People, we are on a serious ride now.  Life is moving faster and we all know it.  But, I am about to embark on a great journey as a therapist and educating myself on how to live my life in full awareness is the key to Happiness.   Storms and trials may face me.  My body may ache, and wrinkles and lines may come.  My husband may go deaf and I could get hit by a Twinkie truck tomorrow, but for today, I count my blessings and I say, “top O’ the morning’ to ya!”  I hope you have a great day!


“Everybody Dance Now!”

Yeah, I have been obsessed in the last month over learning how to dance.  I honestly do have some great moves but my hips are still in recovery from my youthful and emotional Captain Crunch binges……..  But when I hear the rhythm of the music playing in my ear and I get my groove on (especially if there is a mirror around), I can shoot out some silly old sweaty moves.   Yep!  I got MOOOOOOVES!  Funny as Hell.  But those crazy moves make me sweat and feel as free as a bird!!!   You’ll remember the song by C & C Music Factory, “Gonna Make You Sweat?”  The lyrics are “Gonna Make You Sweat Til Ya Bleed!”  Ouch!  Bleed?

Yup, Blood, Sweat and Tears!  That sounds so raw and painful.  And it is!   Cardio is kind of like giving up one’s soul!  But once you push your way through that first mile or 15 minutes of activity, the Aerobic cycle of muscle development kicks in and “POW” there is a conversion of Lactic Acid to Pyruvic Acid, which makes for some magical muscle tone transformations!!!   How do I know this?  Anatomy & Physiology Class.  Most funnest class ev’errrrrrrrrr! 🙂

So why give up one’s soul to dance?  Ok, maybe not your WHOLE SOUL but there truly is some type of magical transformative experience about dancing and exercising.  I have been trying to explain this to people for years even when I was “fatter.”

Let me try again.

Imagine if you will a middle aged women with surgery scars, pregnancy stretch marks and flabby skin in areas that will make you wonder if Dumbo has arrived.  Looking in the mirror is a chore.  The looking glass is staring back showing me all the abuse my body has endured since I was old enough to open a Twinkie® package.

But, over time and with consistent personal ‘mind control techniques,” this middle aged woman is starting to transform her body and her mind by “shape-shifting” (if you will) her whole life into the Happy Dance!  The mirror has lost it’s dreadful power against me!  MUHAHAHAHAHA! 🙂

If my body is the temple of God then quite frankly I should be able to communicate with it just as I would praying to the Master and set some ground rules about what is lurking around in my special places. (Adipose tissue (fat) and other toxic “stuff.)”   As Linda Blair gently put it “Get OUT” you nasty stored fat cells and stuck emotions that don’t belong with me anymore!  It is like an exorcism.  LOL!

As I step up on the always dreaded Treadmill, the first and foremost salvation to my success is headphones and iTunes.  I step on this beast consciously knowing that some serious deep breathing and the vibrational rhythm of my music will hypnotically get me into the mood to push myself harder, physically.   And then, we just GO.

Now, this…….. brings me to another subject……Music.  🎶

It is because of a plethora of unique music modalities written and performed by some great and powerful artists, that I am able to sustain my cardio for an hour or more.  I have to give a big shout out to the musical greats for perfoming such awesome songs, sounds and lyrics because quite frankly, your contribution to society is making me radically HEALTH CONSCIOUS! And, YES!  I AM OBSESSED WITH MUSIC!  🎶🎻✪

Someone once said to me that any music that was not speaking the name of Jesus was Satanic and should be burned!  WHAT?  Yep!  And I spent 10 years refusing to listen to any music other than Christian radio (in order to purify my soul from carnal knowledge) I destroyed some amazing CD’s and Cassette Tapes.  Some of these which would be priceless to have now.  (sigh)….

But once I realized the powerful stories behind all those musical lyrics I decided I would be an adult about what I listen to and try to resonate with the reasons behind the songs and the writings.

My change in audio-philosophy allowed me a different perspective on Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” or Elvis’ song “In the Ghetto.”  Those songs were written by someone who saw deeper into their psyche than most others and we all do find that music is the language of the Heart.  (Cardio)…….Oh and the song’s that Prince wrote are extremely prophetic.   Have you stopped to listen?

Once I let go of some of that fear of music and it’s soul purpose and meaning, a whole new awareness came to life for me.   And this is how The Reiki Station® was birthed.  The sounds of the legends are “reminders” that we are moving through space and time quickly but we are designed to be aware of the journey not live mindlessly and haphazardly making bad choices and binging on Captain Crunch as your staple.  (Death by a creepy sailor man. nice……..)

By using my Reiki energy techniques and applying them to fitness, I am able to tap into vibrational settings that allow my emotions to “just be” and I can dump off what does not serve me as I dance.  No more fit throwing.  No more petrifying anxiety about work and money.  No more jealous bathroom runs and screaming headaches.  Hell, I haven’t so much had a sniffle in years.   The chemicals in my brain thank me.

I can listen to the music while exercising and fully understand the philosophy of song and in turn, send Reiki Light and Love back to into the World by honoring the pain endured during the scribing of “said” songs.   It is like channelling.  #findyourchannelfindyourfreedom  (Sound Familiar).  And that is when I do my best Spiritual Warfare!  Prayers and Intentions shoot out of my crown chakra like lightening bolts!  There is no shame in that as long as your are harming none.  If I were in trouble, I would want someone like me to pray for me.  Cardio and Prayer.  Goes hand in hand and heart to heart. ❤️

Understanding music has taught me to listen more to my WHOLE Person and somehow I started naturally following the rhythm of my body while listening to music!   It is ASTOUNDING how it works!   I pay more attention now to my digestion, my elimination, my mental stress, my breathing, my hip and foot pain, my posture and my butt, which precisely is about to get into a size 10 jean and very comfortably might I add!  🙂 How is that for shape shifting!?!

My friends, this is where Reikirobics® comes in.  I have trademarked this program for dance and cardio and have no plans of doing much more with that because I have to certainly have time for my massage therapy.  But, if I can carve out a few days a month and teach you Reikirobics®, you just may find your channel and your freedom from localized fear by dancing your butt off in front of others.  The concept?

“Reikirobics® is for people who are generally uncomfortable shaking their body in front of others.  This class will energetically simplify the process of applying dance to cardio and is for everyone who wills.”

Can I be perfectly honest?  I have no idea how this is going to turn out but I am still going through with the process.  I am now CPA Certified and I am finishing up my Aerobics Training Certificate online as we speak!   Adding this to my upcoming Massage Therapy practice is going to be just what I need to put the cherry on top of the cake!

So, stay tuned for the final touches when it comes to The Reiki Station® and my new and improved service model.  The journey has been fun.  Hard as shit but a lot of fun!

And now, I, Holly Goodyear, am fully aware that the light at the end of my tunnel is NOT A TRAIN!   Praise Jesus!

Hey, now you wanna Dance????????

Find Your Channel!  Find Your Freedom!

Holly Goodyear & The Reiki Station®



“I Wear My Heart On A Sleeve!”

As many of you know, I wear my heart on my sleeve.  And, my emotions.  Good or Resistant,  Positive or Negative,  I speak my truth.  The bravery it takes to put yourself out there to 1000 people is either considered heroic or reckless.  In either perception, I write because I love to write.

The exercise of writing is just as important to me as my workouts, my dietary habits and my family.   (Not in any particular order).  I categorize my love for writing up there with personal development and even more so, personal responsibility.  If you go to my website or the about page on this blog you will see I have not deviated from the core of this message three years ago now, when it comes to taking personal responsibility for all actions big or small.

I know not everyone is willing to get up at 4 O’Clock in the morning and have coffee with their husbands in order to spend quality time together before you race off to life. (or partners.wives, etc..)….  and not everyone is willing go to the gym once a day (or once a week for that matter) and do at least 15 minutes of a necessary daily workouts because we are tired…..  Many of you say, you do not have time but have you realized the exercise will eventually rejuvenate you and take care of being tired.  (In many cases)……. I know it is hard to get to a gym when you drive to work an hour a day, plus sit there in email jail for 9 hours then come home and either do laundry or dinner or both or nothing.  Life is tiresome.   But, if you cannot do something seek some type of life coach session.  You are potentially shortening your life span by not moving regularly.  Me, I Dance when I cannot do anything else.

So think about doing what you can do, when your feet hit the floor at 4am, 5am, or 7 am.   It does not matter when your clock is set to go off, it matters that when you get up to stretch that body.  (Booooooddddyyyyyyy).

Take some time and love on your Fascia!  (For those of you that do not know what fascia is, come see me.)

Other Ways to Get Real About Personal Responsibility?

When you get up in the morning, if you have had a previously hard day, week, month or year, I ask you to start yourself on a daily exercise of at least writing down 3-5 things you are thankful for.  Many of us have a notebook laying around the house somewhere so put that “mother-scraper” by your bed-side.  And with a pen.  A nice pen.  A pen that if you lost it you would be looking for the thief!  A pink or blue pen.  A Pen.  Not a Keyboard. 😦

Guys, listen, I am just as tired as the next person.  Sooooo many people see me on social media, cranking out these newsletters, volunteering at events, posting videos in the gym and just being all around CRAZY but they do not always agree with me or think I am being real…….  I am not asking anyone to agree with anything I say, or write, but I am asking you to think about how you are living  your daily life because I am taking personal responsibility for living mine and I am documenting it!

If Joel Osteen or Kim Kardashian were writing this post, there would be a flux towards better health and people would buy their books by the millions.  But because I am a living middle aged prototype, and I journey by blogging and v-logging (thank you Nichole) my steps, I get laughed at.   I really do!

And, I laugh at that fact!  I love it!  I want people to laugh at me!  I want people to think she has gone bee-zonkers to find the path of good health!  I want people to see me singing praises to a happy life like I were dancing on Sesame Street!   (Miss those days).  And if that seems self-centered and rude, you are so missing the point!

I am cheering for YOU to find complete and total wellness Mind, Body and SPIRIT!!  (To the best of your God given abilities!)  Because, my future is heading toward therapy and fitness and life coaching and though I am no spring chicken, I am feeling pretty good for middle age but it has taken WORK!!!  A Lot of HARD WORK!  (inside and out).

A man named Winston, once said to us “What you do in your 40’s, determines how you will live the rest of your life.”  That stuck with me big time!

Times are changing.  People are changing.  Our Society is changing…. FAST!  And, I have about 6 minutes before it is shower (show) time.   I have a long journey ahead to meet with clients and business prospects but I am doing it!  

I am wearing my life on my sleeve documenting my days so that one day, when someone comes along this buried e-correspondence, and I have moved on like Prince, that maybe just maybe it will inspire someone like me to have better health, better working conditions and a better body 🙂   I know it is not easy to do all of these things each day but I am showing you that wearing my heart on my social media sleeve, is all about accountability and about personal responsibility.   And that is something universally no matter what your race, creed, color, or religion, that you are responsible for.  Period.


Have a great Thursday!



“Purple Slim! Truth Behind The Slime.”


Honestly, I am sensing there are a few things at work here.  One, that some people are SICK to death of my constant posting and have blocked my Facebook page because they just don’t want to here about The Reiki Station and Holly Goodyear, anymore!  I mean, I post constantly, I say some really off the wall stuff and I am just, to fucking real I guess.  Oh, and I say Fuck, a lot sorry….  (Mom doesn’t like it either but at least she agrees that there are monsters in our mental closet and sometimes, well, you just do what you gotta do to survive).

Or, is it that you do what you gotta do to survive because you are elated about being inspired by others and you know that you have been marked by God as a messenger no matter what it looks like.  You see, ya’ll think that I am inspiring you to push harder and be better and stand taller because I am doing it.  WRONGO!  I am inspired by YOU to make myself a model for the underdog!  Yup, I am an underdog.

Was Prince an underdog at one time?  I can safely say that PRINCE did not start out as Worldly Royaly.  In fact, according to Wikipedia (who I usually trust), this is a snapshot of Prince’s beginning……..Check this out!

“Early life”

Prince Rogers Nelson was born in Minneapolis, the son of Mattie Della (Shaw) and John Lewis Nelson. His parents were both African American,[11] and his family ancestry is centered in Louisiana, with all four of his grandparents hailing from that state.[12][13] Prince’s father was a pianist and songwriter and his mother was a jazz singer. Prince was named after his father, whose stage name was Prince Rogers, and who performed with a jazz group called the Prince Rogers Trio. In a 1991 interview with A Current Affair, Prince’s father said, “I named my son Prince because I wanted him to do everything I wanted to do”.[14] Prince’s childhood nickname was Skipper.[15]

Prince said that he was “born epileptic” and “used to have seizures” when he was young. He also stated that “My mother told me one day I walked in to her and said, ‘Mom, I’m not going to be sick anymore,’ and she said, ‘Why?’ and I said, ‘Because an angel told me so’.”[16]

WOW!  I am speechless!  HE WAS VISITED BY AN ANGEL!  Interesting.

So what does that have to do with Me?  First of all, yes, I have had experiences with Angels and Demons.  Let’s be real here.  We all have but we may not have fully realized it.  And culturally, we may call them many different things or not anything at all, but at present day, we can be pretty confident in saying we ALL live in a world where energies align around each of us everyday and a prudent person will normally acknowledge the presence of a higher power regardless of personal interpretation.

This week, I was faced with some marvelous conversations that required me to test my faith, based on the “updated” belief system I have built. Since “walking” OUT of the church walls five years ago it has been most enlightening.  Just like I can sense when my Facebook posts are getting on someone’s nerves, I can also sense, when people condemn me for being different because they don’t see me supping with a church community.  What they fail to remember is that Jesus NEVER stayed put in the congregation and searched high and low for supernatural experiences outside in nature and in the home of the Underdog.

So, maybe you ask, how in the World do I consider using the letter’s F-U-C-K and Jesus in the same blog post?   Well, scholastically this IS an unacceptable Word, but it does have a true meaning.  It means, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.  (A title of a Van Halen Album from 1991.)   And without getting too graphic here, basically it means unlawful sex.  How in the World it got translated into a tantric scream when you drop a plate and break it is far removed from unlawful sex.  (tantric/Tantrum…see the correlation…….) Get my point?

And, I know that many of you find offense in my blatant disrespect for “the reader” here by saying “that word” especially when you are all my friends on Facebook and that I profess to live a holy and inspired life by non-denominational requirements.

Well, some of us “minsters” make the conscious choice to talk about the dark side of humanity so that the lighter side of humanity will shine in the End join us together as a whole.  I am not sold on the whole Hell concept anymore.   It’s too cruel in general.  I think we can deal with some of that fear now if we can dig out the bones in our closet so you can bury them not leave them stranded when you move into “the afterlife”…….  A world where you can always see the Son/Sun, Day or Night…………….

My deep personal dive into shadow work has scared the beejeezies (another slang for Jesus) out of a lot of you!  My therapist, and I quote, said “Holly, if your thoughts of fear were to manifest from your head then every 5 year old little girl in the world would have monster’s jumping out of her closet!”  Oh shit.  I might want to clean those thoughts up and channel them into finding solutions to my phobias.   Wouldn’t you agree?

Which brings me back too…..Fear, Purple Slime and the Underdog.  (Yep, I am making a point!).  Research this week has presented to me a common thread when it comes to highly gifted people and how they perceive life.  People with VERY HIGH IQ’s live on a different spectrum BUT they are excessively challenged when it comes to living up to the Worldly Standards of Today.   In the 4th grade, when I was 8 years old, my teachers advised my parents to have my IQ tested because I was different.  We DID NOT HAVE PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE OF THE SPECTRUM back then and if we did, this poor south end girl was not really a role model for a higher intelligence commercial.  However, I remember the day I was tested and the shapes and numbers and symbols that just looked very foreign to me.  I remember being……scared…….  I did not know what was happening.  So, I was tested and was recommend to be advanced a grade.  My Great Grandmother Flossie King, said ABSOLUTELY NOT!   I have the memory of her face in my mind when she was “convincing” my mom to leave things as they were.   And, well, you did not argue with Flossie as nice as she was as she sat with her Bible in her lap all the days of her adult life.  🙂

So, yesterday I told my mother I needed to know what the results were because my intuitive vision is increasing and I am either going to find my channel in this world and experience life on life’s terms with awareness or, I may go crazy like Prince said.  She said, it was high.  98 is average.  It was quite a bit higher……I did my research on the actually score.  Yep.  I am a genius and dammit I want to test again!  LOL!

So now I am bragging right?  NO!  I am telling you that people need to understand where they are on the Spectrum as we now call it because I just sat in my chair and eavesdropped on 6 teachers eating breakfast next to me just now in the hotel lobby and all I can say is “Ugh”.  The challenges that these women (and men) are facing today trying to teach a worn out curriculum to a new breed of intelligence is cruel.  If it is going so well, then why do I hear story and story after story of disheartenment when it comes to our educational system.   And in my opinion, teaching these beautiful minds insane quantities of technology is NOT THE ANSWER for these children.  Oh my God!  Are we a country full of idiots?   Who is on the campaign trail again?…….:P

So, again, I say, yes I know I piss people off and that is fine.  Yes, I know that publicly being a big mouth blogger can hurt the chances of my former circle cheering me on to stay the course and support what The Reiki Station model really means to me when it comes to Stress Reduction and Truth Telling in our society but quite frankly, I want to see my business grow because of the amazing and exciting branding when it comes to massage therapy and when the client finally does comes to see me at my practice, I will be blessed to get the privilege of reminding them that yes, there are monsters in their mental closets but not to worry, it is all in their head.  Everything is ok!   Then, I will Purple Slime them.  I hope it helps!


Purple Life

Humbled and Excited! Massaging It All Out!

May I take 30 seconds, yes, 30 seconds and say I LOVE YOU!  I love each of you that clicked like on my post yesterday about passing my finals.  You know NO idea how important this is for me and I had almost 100 likes……WOW!  I had no idea I was being watched like that!  Really!  It is not about the numbers but you sure know how to make a girl blush! 🙂

I have 4 months left then I will be a Licensed Massage Therapist.   And trust me! I want to accentuate the word “therapist”.   Had it not been for people like “my” massage therapist and other “key” ladies in my life I would not be where I am today.  My shout out for the moment goes to all those trusting people that saw more in my INSANITY than I could ever see in myself.  But, all that insanity is turning into core INSPIRATION!!!!

Now that things are genuinely looking up for us, I am going to spend the next three weeks breaking down my plan, cooling my jet’s (just a tad), and I am going to really brush up on the clinical and emotional side of being an LMT.

I may be cray cray but I take my craft very seriously.  It is for a bigger purpose!  Thank you all for being so awesome to me!!!  I have some great friends!  GREAT FRANS I TELL YA!!!  And, better yet, I have an amazing husband and partner who treats me like a Queen!  Eddie, we are doing it!  We are doing it!

So, listen, if you know of anyone looking for a dynamic career change and has the gift of touch, have them consider Advanced Massage Therapeutics as a possible place to seek out some killer education.  This school rocks and I have learned 10 times more about life with these guys and gals than I ever have.   This stuff is the real deal baby!!   And the field of Massage is going to grow like crazy even in the world of Mental Health!  Mark my Words!

I cannot see a better way for us to combat stress and sickness and frustration and it all starts when following your heart and allowing yourself some rest on the table, massaging it all out…….

The Moral of the Story…..

Never let anyone tell you you can’t do something.  Never hold a grudge on those that did tell you that.  And never, ever stop believing that things won’t get better.   They will!  They will also change faster than you can imagine so hold on!  Listen, Mars is going Retrograde and you may need to fasten your seat belts the next few months…….I am going to but man, with this kind of support, it is hard to slow my roll!

If I had a wish today it would be that Massage Therapists become so busy that they need an assistant  (Should that be their wish as well)!


Everyone needs a Therapist.  We are all just that important!



Embarking!! The Countdown Begins!

Holly A3

Happy April Fool’s Day!  I love when April hits because that means spring is in full force and manifestion is in full swing.  I am really excited and nervous all at the same time.  I am excited because I am seeing real “fruit” from my transformative lifestyle. I am rolling down the tracks full steam ahead feeling happy and healthy.

This exciting shift shoots straight out from my Solar Plexus (Personal Will and Power) and is colliding with my Heart Chakra (Love, Compassion and Humanitarian Hopes) and makes me all giddy inside because everything I have worked so hard for is starting to blossom!  Basically, my personal healing is happening so fast now and I feel amazing!  But there is a but…….a big butt……………Uh oh.

The reason my healing is so intense is because I was willing (painfully willing) to address these marvelous spiritual experiences which were not always so pleasant.  I had to willingly look in the mirror, a REAL Mirror, and make myself “decide” to heal from the inside out and the process was initially grueling.

I had to address so many unpleasant things about my self that it was embarrassing at best.  I have had engaged in such nasty and deep shadow work over the last 3 or 4 years that it required me to figuratively “die” to what I thought I wanted in order to experience rebirth.  It was the only way to manifest the life that I know I really want.

In order to have what I have come to believe are my “predestined” opportunities while being human, I really had to challenge my old belief systems, my core upbringing as an average “kid” and even question my role and gender as a “typical” woman.  (Not a Witch.  cough, cough…….. A Woman!)     Smile….. 🙂

Now, when I say “predestined,” may I just add that I believe most people want to find a sense of purpose.  I have talked with so many people who are trying to find a formidable destiny to “do” or “be” something before their time on this Earth expires and I want you all to know that us “seekers” have a choice to change the course of action when unsatisfied.  You have a choice.  You Always Have A Choice.

But…….and here is the butt I spoke of……………“If you are not willing to accept the truth of painful and life changing actions that manifest YOUR truth, then you will NEVER live in your purest form.  When you eliminate all opportunities to be totally healed from whatever holds you back you will not experience euphoria during this incarnation.”

Translation, this is why people take drugs (legal or otherwise), drink too much and hide behind layers of masks when they waltz their butt out the door every day and pretend everything is fine!  It is true and you and I both know it.

So, as many of you know……(like a million of you)……I have talked about writing a book for a very long time.  But my fear (yes fear) has been that the book will be too intense for most of you.  At least those that I love and cherish as family.  And those it is not my intention to ever hurt or destroy anyone, it is by my Divine calling that I share the steps along my journey which required me to heal.  AGAIN, I say………………..this raw exposer of truth is meant to heal!!!

For instance, how the hell do you think I survived the morbidly painful experience of being a 19 year old single/divorced mom who woke up one day and found herself in a……………..here goes………….two year adulterous affair.

Yep.  I did that.  And three husbands later, there were a lot of messes to clean up by those who had to pay for the mistakes I made for an inexcusable relationship.  There was no such thing as an “open relationship” in Kentucky in the early 90’s.  California maybe.  Not in Kentucky. It took me almost, 25 years to realize that my insecurities and my choices vibrated well into my mid-life and now……oh yes………….NOW I can say, “Wow! That was intense!”  Then stamp a big “HEALED STICKER” on my Sacral Chakra.  The Chakra that governs how you are affected in your relationships, your emotions and your passions, your playtime and how you exchange energy with others.   Clog this chakra and your life will be a piss hole  until you heal it.  It can manifest as secret jealousy, self loathing, and will harbor the MOST destructive of emotions you could EVER imagine……I am sorry.  You can pray to Jesus all you want to save you but until you acknowledge the darkest place in the directory book, it ain’t gonna happen.

People, hear me.  This blog is not a joke and for three years I have been a sublime example of a woman fighting (yes, I internally fight) to gain her power back not to have power so I can over others.  But to Overcome The Resistance.   It is my signature scripture.  Revelations 12:11.  They Overcame By The Blood of The Lamb and The WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY!    You want to see how I inspire?  Look at my left calf.  It is tattooed right on my body.  Like some kind of Pagan Christian.  Or maybe I should say Christian Pagan.  Oh wait……Pagteg-costal?  Buddah-costal?  Bapti-costal?  Babti-cothlic?  Wicca-baptle?  Jesus Freak?

How about just being a Human?

In closing, I am going to really, really start on my book now.  It will provide solvency for my life and take me straight on into my final hours.  And yes…..yes….I know.  Jesus paid all.  But I have a willing hand in this all this karma too you know?……….:P

Not everyone is going to be happy with me and for that I am truly sorry.   But I VOW TO USE THE WISDOM of Solomon, where the sting may arise.

I am smart enough to avoid slanderous remarks about others and my experiences with them.

This book is NOT about tearing others down so that I look good. (Yoga helps me do that!)

It is about building a future so that others can heal too and stop making excuses.

There will be a little sci-fi in it for the purpose of marketing.  Why they hell do you think I changed my identity to Eleanor.   (However, Stephen King was originally born, Stephen King so WTF?)

People have no idea how badly they hurt you by what they do and unless you really forgive them and yourself, you are not going to experience your best life ever….(thanks for that sentence Joel Olsteen).  There are emotional scars that can only be healed by entering the burning core of darkness aka…your dirty closet.

This type of raw footage is not for everyone but if you really want total healing and to find your true destiny you don’t have a choice.  I promise however, when you do, you will be so HAPPY to have finally reached the other side!

Stay Tuned.


“The Sagittarian Moon Requires You Mix It Up!”

Yesterday, at 2:46am, the Moon made her transit into Sag.  Upon leaving my personal sign Scorpio, I must have been intrigued with other things because it was not until I woke up this morning that I realized, I am in a jumbled thought pattern.  I want to blog about everything.  I want to jump out of bed and start running fast and hard.  I want to get all of my daily chores out of the way so I can sit and meditate on great and mighty things.  So, as I calmed myself and decided that a simple (not so Simple) blog on this site would be more beneficial than trying to take the time to devote time to writing material in my “other” topic specific blogs.  (Emotional Intelligent Today, Eleanor Elaine Phoenix and Memoirs of Scorpio.)

All three of my writing platforms are very important to me but it is because of the person I when I start “emotionally speaking”,  that I become overwhelmed with a sense of “to much going on” internally, and these platforms give me an opportunity to put my heaviness out there, regardless of what others may think.  It’s my therapy.

But yesterday, when mystical Momma Moon entered Sagittarius, apparently I entered into a startling lucidity that comes with this intense Fire Energy.  (and we are in Aries Sun so as I mix up my thoughts on this “generic “Me” page”, I am sure my daily rant is going to go something like this.  Fire + Fire = An Emotional Inferno

So, what is with all the burn?  Well, Sag Moon brings in a very important key emotion layering deep within us and that emotion is called “intrigue.”  Intrigue by definition is arousal of curiosity and fascination.  It also killed the cat.

Sag moon energy opens your eyes to adventure, optimism, and exuberance.  Sag moon energy is an open-minded yet, rest-less energy.  (That s’plains it all!)  Sag Moon energy, however, is a bit careless and uncommitted when it comes to responsibility.  I guess that is why I am burning for a tattoo, a vacation and some space alone.  This energy is a daring concoction of thoughts like…”Hey look at me….. paired with…. don’t touch me I need space.”

To complicate the moment and the need for seclusion, water signs such as Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, get kind of strange during these Sagittarius Moon transitions and either lash out and become very irritable or extremely persistent in order to survive another day.

Water signs are typically affected by this highly sexual sign of Sagittarius with it’s alluring yet, fleeting energy.  And for us Scorpios, it can be hard to connect with others emotionally right now because if it ain’t deep and intrinsic, it most likely is destructive and unrepairable and as the Sag sign represents on it’s not so good side, can be irresponsible.  (I want to focus on the adventurous side of the moment myself!)

So, with this formidable lucidity this morning, I had to do some additional digging before dawn cracked her light on me, because, the last few days have been very heavy for me.  On the outside, it is business as usual, but on the inside, I am really seeking calculative measures when it comes to my actions and decisions during the next few months.  I want to see how things progress when I acknowledge all this Spiritual intensity, and then “let that shit go.”

For me, the best way for me to understand my own emotional journey is to seek out to define these layers of energy around me.  Whether it is people, places or things, (which I tend to become attached to), I have to stop myself and identify why I am attaching myself to anything, when it comes to my own personal emotional intelligence and learn to let go of attachment as a rule since nothing is forever.

In looking more closely for just another moment at the Moon in Sagittarius, it is not just this present energy that is affecting me so forcefully.  There are a total of 6 more lunar pairings happening today, all of which could allow me to react in different ways hour by hour so let’s blow your mind a little more…..

Think of the Moon being a Sommelier and each transit of the timeline is a taste of Heaven’s decantation depending on your palette.

  1.  8:56 a- Moon will be Trine Mercury. (Messenger)
  2. 9:55am-Moon will be Square Jupiter. (Fortune & Luck)
  3. 11:18am- Moon will be Conjunct Saturn.  (Discipline)
  4. 6:02pm- Moon will be Trine Uranus. (Forceful Freedoms)
  5. 9:55pm- Moon will be Square Venus (Love and Pleasure)
  6. 11:02pm- MERCURY will be Trine Saturn.  ( A Message in Discipline?)…..Yup….lucidity.

So, why do I care about all of this?  Well, as a beginner astrologer, it proves a point that feelings and emotions are connected to SO MANY FEATURES OF LIFE!  Hormones, Thoughts, Health and Energy.

Hear me when I say this.  We all have an off day sometimes.  We all have thoughts that challenge us to make choices on how we act, what we are going to do and we all have possibilities and opportunities that will present to us to a willingness to charge forward into the future with some skill and accuracy.   Just like the Man on the Horse riding the constellation of Sagittarius, we aim, shoot and fire.

The tug of war in your mind is completely affected by the stars and it is the wise soul that will look deeper into the events and conversations that take place during your earthy incarnation when you have been out of focus and need to take a step back and breath.

I hope this shows that we are not all crazy and you will find your universal channel today and in doing so, find your freedom.

Be Well.

Holly Goodyear

P.S.- If you would like to learn more about astrological readings, hit me up!  It brings me great pleasure to sit with people and look at all the amazing aspects of how we are designed and as a service to others, I make these charts very affordable and understandable.  Love……..